Brett Eldredge’s Most Outrageous Tweets of All Time

Twitter/Brett Eldredge

From Vine to Snapchat to Twitter, Brett Eldredge is always taking the time to give his fans a peek into his life, and he always does it with his eccentric sense of humor.

All throughout his rise to stardom, the “Lose My Mind” singer has opened up about his life on Twitter. From getting trampled by squirrels to his future wedding plans, Eldredge doesn’t seem to hide much from his 256,000 Twitter followers.

We’ve put together a list of Eldredge’s 13 funniest tweets. And if you’re wondering: Yes, we did spend all afternoon stalking his Twitter feed. And no, we’re not ashamed about it.

The reigning CMA New Artist of the Year chronicled his wild Friday night plans on Twitter, and he even gave himself a new nickname.

And if your Valentine’s Day plans are as lonely as Eldredge’s Friday night plans, he has some words of advice for you:

But one day when his life isn’t so lonely, Eldredge already has his future wedding planned to a T – complete with raining Froot Loops. What do we have to do to get on the guest list for this wedding?

It’s a good thing Eldredge has a successful career as a country star, or else he may have taken a very different path in life.

Maybe Eldredge shouldn’t make a career of betting on squirrel races if he’s afraid of the squirrels trampling him.

Eldredge’s misfortune with massages seems to be a recurring theme on his Twitter feed.

When is he going to learn to stay away from massages?

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Is “smoother than a buttermilk pancake” a copyrighted phrase? Or can we please have permission to use this in the future?

If you’re looking for a low-intensity workout plan, you may want to ask him to be your personal trainer.

Looking for a championship snuggling partner, Brett? We’re sure your fans would volunteer as tribute.

Eldredge’s tweets are nothing short of philosophical. Don’t worry, Brett, we’ve had the same thoughts, too.

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Brett Eldredge’s Most Outrageous Tweets of All Time