Brett Eldredge 'Flower Bombs' People on the Street in Uplifting Video

Brett Eldredge might've just restored faith in humanity with a recent effort to flower bomb every stranger he encountered on the streets.

Documented in an adorable video, the soulful singer spent some time walking the streets with a basket full of roses, handing them out to all the passersby who encountered that day. Eldredge did it, he would imply, because he wanted to make everyone's day better.

What a guy.

Everyone's faces lit up as soon as they received their impromptu gift, and no one seemed to feel better about it than Brett. And better yet, not a single stranger walked away without a brighter day ahead of them.

Eldredge also spent time posing for pictures, shaking hands with fans, and letting his always fun-loving personality shine with each flower he handed out.

And if the whole concept of flower bombing wasn't enough to make your heart melt, the middle of the video shows Brett kneeling down to hand a flower to a young girl who gladly returns the sweet gesture with a high five.

The priceless reactions of each and every person approached by the singer are well worth the 3 minutes it will take to watch this video. I dare you to stay grumpy after that -- it's pretty much impossible.

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Brett Eldredge 'Flower Bombs' People on the Street in Uplifting Video