Hear Brent Cobb's Rootsy and Reflective New Song 'Black Crow'

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Brent Cobb seeks freedom and redemption in his gritty new song, "Black Crow."

Much like his previous releases, Cobb's soulful and twangy voice is paired with plucky, blues-infused accompaniment that hits your right in the soul. Anyone who loves music inspired by life in south will instantly connect with his intricate story-songs, including "Black Crow."

In the song, Cobb describes himself as a man who finds himself behind bars who wishes he could make things right. As a rising artist, his ability to showcase his impressive vocals while making you feel like he's sharing his story during an intimate conversation is mind-boggling. The world of country music needs songwriters unafraid to share stories of every day life, no matter how small. Thankfully, Brent Cobb is here to bridge that ever-widening gap between the authentic and the over-produced.

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Brent is the cousin of acclaimed producer Dave Cobb, whose worked on award-winning albums from Jason Isbell, Sturgill Simpson and Chris Stapleton. He's also the producer of Brent's upcoming solo album, Shine On Rainy Day, which is set for release on Oct. 7. His original song, "Down Home," was also featured on Dave Cobb's recent concept album, Southern Family.

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Hear Brent Cobb's Rootsy and Reflective New Song 'Black Crow'