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Brennley Brown Advances on 'The Voice' with Uplifting Maddie and Tae Cover

Brennley Brown found herself in a good spot during this week's live episode of The Voice. Though only 15 years old, she showed great confidence with a cover of Maddie & Tae's song "Fly." And thanks to the votes of America, she gets another shot on a future episode.

Maddie & Tae released "Fly" back in the beginning of 2015 as the second single off their debut album. The young duo co-wrote the song, which eventually cracked the top 10 on country radio.

Though the melody feels mighty sad, Brown appealed to the song's uplifting lyrics. She found a way to put a bit of a twist on the mood, and it paid off. And of course, as is customary on The Voice, she over-sang a few lines in order to win style points. Because nothing says "vote for me" like an extra, unnecessary vocal run.

Brennley Brown originally came onto the show as a member of Team Blake. But after Shelton let her go, Gwen Stefani swept in and snagged her. Shelton recognized he may have made a bad decision.

"I've been doing this show a long time," Shelton said. "And I'm man enough to sit here and say when I've made a mistake. And I think letting you go was a mistake. You're so good."

Tongue in cheek, Stefani clearly agreed. "It was a great gift for me and Brennley," she said.

With the top 12 set, the live playoffs continue. Country star Shania Twain joins the cast next week as an advisor to all the contestants, who are so close they can taste it.

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But from now on, it's pretty much up to America to vote for who they want to make it. Just remember though, plenty of singers score industry attention even if they don't win. Then again, plenty don't, too. Good luck!

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