The Meaning Behind the Phrase, "Breaking Bread" 

From "cat got your tongue" to "spill the beans," there are countless phrases in the English language that we say without truly understanding. Another phrase that we use occasionally is "breaking bread." Without understanding the context of its origins, it's hard to imagine why anyone would want to break bread, rather than tear it or slice it. This leads us to ask, what does this phrase really mean?

The Meaning of Breaking Bread

This strange phrase goes back to the times of the Bible, and it made much more sense back then. To "break bread" means to have a meal with someone, breaking off pieces of your loaf of bread to ensure that everyone is fed. Jesus would eat with his disciples and give out pieces, and since bread back then was harder than modern bread, it was necessary to break it rather than tear it.

There is also a well known saying in the Bible: "It's hard to remain enemies when you've broken bread together." This means that sharing a meal is often about more than just food; it's also about coming together despite the past. This term can be found throughout the New Testament, where it refers to sharing food with others, and it evolves over time to refer to the sacramental bread of communion in Christian services. The phrase is also part of the spiritual hymn, "Let Us Break Bread Together" from the 1300s.

The phrase lives on in modern times, typically used to describe sharing a meal with others. This shows the importance of food in our culture; sharing food often symbolizes more than simply providing a meal. Many cultures share food with guests as a way to welcome them, and anyone who grew up in a neighborhood might remember bringing a plate of cookies over to the new neighbors.

Breaking Bread Catering & Deli

Multiple restaurants have capitalized on the symbolism of this phrase by naming themselves Breaking Bread. One such restaurant in McHenry County, Illinois is called Breaking Bread Catering & Deli, and they strive to provide the happiness and friendship that breaking bread is meant to bring. At this tasty restaurant, you can enjoy delicious comfort food in the form of fried chicken and bacon, a Chief Dog, or a tasty sub. Take out and delivery are options, which is especially convenient when you're in a crunch.

Breaking Bread Catering & Deli keeps it fun with a Sub Club challenge that involves eating an impressive amount of food for prizes. To succeed, you have to eat three subs, a pound of potato salad, and a pound of shoestring fries in 20 minutes! You will be rewarded with a t-shirt, a gift card, and your picture on the Champion board.

Team members suggest trying the Reuben Dog or the Chili Cheese Dog to enjoy a classic. The Reuben Dog has corned beef, special Reuben sauce, sauerkraut, and cheese on a pretzel hoagie, while the Chili Cheese Dog is full of chili and American cheese sauce. If you're not in the mood for a Dirty Dog, you can have a mouthwatering Grilled Cheese sandwich instead. Any of these tasty meals are best enjoyed with a tasty side like fries or onion rings dipped in ketchup.

Most sandwiches are available gluten-free as well, making Breaking Bread Catering & Deli a great place for anyone to enjoy comfort food despite food restrictions. If you're ever on the Northwest Hwy driving through Illinois, make sure to stop by and "break bread" with your companions just like they did in the old days!

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