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Would You Eat Soup for Breakfast? 8 International Dishes That Just Might Inspire You

When you think of soup, do you necessarily think of breakfast? I certainly don't! My mind immediately goes to leftovers for lunch or cozy, comforting dinners, skipping the most important meal of the day entirely. As it turns out, breakfast soups are insanely popular in other parts of the world, making North America one of the few regions that doesn't have a breakfast soup tradition.

Instead of eating poached eggs, bacon, potatoes, and toast for your morning meal, try one of these breakfast soup recipes instead. They're actually super simple to throw together if you have chicken stock or bone broth on hand, the latter of which will make these recipes popular for those of you interested in autoimmune wellness!

Whether it's cold soup recipes, rice porridge, a piping hot noodle soup, soup is filled with vitamins and minerals. Talk about a great way to start your day! This superfood can easily be transformed into breakfast if you know how to do it. Let's take a look at the most popular breakfast soups so you can get started turning your own morning meal into a soup-filled experience.

1. Japan: Miso Soup

This simple combination of miso paste, tofu, and seaweed is a great way to start your day. It's simple yet savory, and it will warm you from the inside.

2. Mexico: Menudo

This popular Sunday breakfast is the surefire way to cure a hangover! It combines hominy, tripe, freshly ground pepper, and other spices in a rich, red broth.

3. Columbia: Caldo de Costilla

I think Colombian recipes are the next to become really trendy, because they're so flavorful and simple! This hearty, broth-based soup is filled with beef short ribs, potatoes, and other herbs. The goal is to fill you up with calories so you can keep going all day long.

4. Vietnam: Pho

Thanks to its recent popularity, almost everyone knows about this super brothy soup. Did you know you can eat it for breakfast? Fill up with thinly sliced beef, rice noodles, and aromatics like green onions, jalapeños, and basil.

5. Tunisia: Lablabi

If you've never had this spicy soup, you should definitely whip up a batch! The chickpeas bring a ton of protein, while the spicy harissa (a hot chili pepper paste) will kick-start your immune system. You can also crack some large eggs into this soup, if you want it to taste more breakfast-forward.

6. China: Congee

This rice porridge dish really isn't too far off from American grits or oatmeal dishes. The main difference - you'll fill this soup with ginger and it has meat to add some protein to your morning. Drizzle some olive oil on top if you want to really amp up the flavors.

7. Burma: Mohinga

If you eat a bagel with lox for breakfast, you might love this fish stew. You'll thicken this soup with chickpea flour before adding fish, rice noodles, and a ton of herbs.

8. Turkey: Ezogelin Corbasi

This breakfast soup is truly unique! You'll get your protein from the red lentil beans (which also give body to the soup) and you'll love the combination of flavors from the tomatoes, mint, and bulgur wheat.

If you need more direction, check out this infographic from It details everything you need to know about the unlikely breakfast. Take note of the veggie stock and recipe, which you can totally cook in your Instant Pot if you want!

Are you inspired to start eating soup for breakfast? It's a proven fact that eating and drinking hot items can cool you down on a hot day more efficiently than cool items. To learn why that is, check out our in-depth look here.

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