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Mason Dixie Breakfast Sandwiches Make Addicts of Breakfast Lovers

Agood breakfast sandwich can make or break your day. Whether you're having it as your own mini brunch, or snacking on a breakfast sandwich with cheddar cheese, sausage patties, baked egg, or Canadian bacon as part of a favorite breakfast meal, they're really such an easy breakfast option. Breakfast burritos and frozen breakfast sandwiches make the morning a snap, and they're a healthy breakfast and freezer friendly option when you don't have time for an omelet, french toast, or grilled cheese.

Different Breakfast Sandwiches

There are plenty of brands out there for these meals. Most will let you cook up a crispy breakfast sandwich in a microwave or toaster oven in just a couple of minutes, if not under a minute.

You can also easily reheat them, which is great for a busy morning at the office when you cook one and then forget about it until you've finished most of your day.

There are lots of different breakfast sandwiches, but we like the Mason Dixie ones in particular. This brand has a buttermilk biscuit version, a cheddar biscuit option, buttermilk sausage biscuits, and cheddar sausage biscuits.

mason dixie biscuits

Lyndsay Burginger

This Buttermilk Breakfast sandwich includes a fried egg patty egg mixture on a biscuit, alongside a delicious sausage patty. It has 26g of total carbohydrates and no preservatives or corn syrup. You just unwrap one of the sandwiches from plastic wrap, stick it in the microwave for its full cook time, and let it sit before enjoying.

The brand also has a cheddar option with cheddar chunks in the biscuit rather than a slice of cheese that other sausage and cheese sandwiches might melt down until it's practically inedible.

If you don't like an egg breakfast sandwich, Mason Dixie also has sausage biscuit sandwiches that don't have scrambled eggs or egg whites.

What to Do With Them

You don't have to resort to fast food to get a good breakfast super fast in the morning. Freezer breakfast sandwiches are a great option, and toasty, make-ahead breakfast sandwiches are so easy to customize. You can get ones on croissants, add hot sauce, chives, veggies, cream cheese, peanut butter, or sharp cheddar — you name it!

Move over, English muffins and bagels. We've got a new breakfast in town.