The 12 Best Bread Machine Recipes to Make

Dust off your bread machine and take it back out of the box because this kitchen appliance can be used to create a delicious loaf of bread. If you don't have much time to spend on homemade bread, your bread maker will do the hard work for you. Taking care of the kneading, proofing, and baking, all you have to do is simply measure out the ingredients to make bread. Roll up your sleeves and get ready for the aroma of fresh bread filling the house because it's time to make some bread! Check out some of the best bread machine recipes to make this week.

1. Bread Machine Bread

It's recommended to get started with an easy bread for your first time. This basic white bread recipe from King Arthur Flour uses ingredients like all-purpose flour, butter, milk, warm water and active dry yeast, making it ideal for first-time bread machine users. Get the recipe here.

2. Honey Whole Wheat Sandwich Bread

Using all whole wheat flour, this recipe makes a wonderful everyday sandwich bread. A touch of sweetness from the honey is one of the secret ingredients that make up this delicious loaf. Get the recipe here.

3. Perfect Bread Machine Gluten-Free Bread

Gluten-free bread tends to be very sticky, so if you want to avoid touching the dough altogether, let your bread maker do the work for you. Just dump the ingredients into the bread pan and let the machine do its thing!

This bread recipe is great for those sensitive to gluten since it only a gluten-free flour blend rather than all-purpose and bread flour.

Get the recipe here.

4. Sourdough Bread

If you are a passionate bread baker, I highly recommend maintaining a sourdough starter. I'm pretty sure you can also buy starters online to make things a little easier.

This recipe makes a gorgeous 1 pound loaf and only uses a few simple ingredients. Get the recipe here.

5. Bread Machine Cinnamon Raisin Bread

A delicious sweet bread flavored with brown sugar, cinnamon and raisins makes this the perfect bread to toast or even coat in batter for French toast. For extra crunch, try throwing in some pecans or walnuts. If you're not a raisin fan, substitute with dried cranberry. If you want to make this even sweeter, throw in some chocolate chips. Get the recipe here.

6.Bread Machine Pizza Dough

Cut down on time by using your bread maker for pizza dough. Just combine all of the ingredients into the machine, turn to the dough cycle and about 90 minutes later, you'll have pizza dough all ready to roll out.

Get the recipe here.

7. Cheese Bread

Adding cheese to bread dough gives the end result a salty, rich and flavorful taste. Use parmesan cheese, or cheeses of choice, along with any dried herbs for extra flavor. Get the recipe here.

8. Kalamata Olive Bread

The briny bite from the Kalamata olives in this savory bread recipe make it the perfect pairing with an Italian meal. The addition of olive brine in the dough is another way to pack on that amazing flavor, so be sure to save it!

Get the recipe here.

9. Bread Machine Dinner Rolls

Your bread maker will take out a chunk of prep time for these dinner rolls, so all you'll have to do is shape, let rise and bake. The family will love these rolls with dinner.

Get the recipe here.

10. Yeast Doughnuts

It's hard to say no to a doughnut. In this recipe you'll be using regular or instant yeast, rather than a chemical leavener resulting in light, airy doughnuts. Feel free to coat the finished doughnuts in sugar or fill with jam or dip in melted chocolate. Get the recipe here.

11. Ciabatta Bread

Ciabatta bread dough is known to be very sticky and difficult to work with, so by using your bread maker for a big part of this bread machine recipe, you'll avoid all the hassle of working with this dough in its early stages.

Once you do get to the point of working with the dough, it should be a little easier to knead, and a coating of olive oil on your hands should do the trick. Get the recipe here.

12. Bread Machine Bagels

Totally impressive with the perfect texture, homemade bagels are ready to enjoy in no time. See how your bread machine comes in handy? Get the recipe here.


This post was originally published on February 13, 2020