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Brantley Gilbert's New Track 'Rockin' Chairs' is About Living Out Loud

Brantley Gilbert's new song "Rockin' Chairs" snagged the spotlight during a concert at the iHeartRadio theater in Los Angeles on Jan. 16. His new album hasn't dropped yet, but his new track is already igniting excitement it's release on Jan. 27.

At first, it starts off sounding like a generic country song. A couple of good chords, but ultimately nothing worth the spotlight. That is, until the lyrics begin and change everything.

No, it's not about having a wild time and knocking bar chairs around.

Some of Brantley Gilbert's songs sound a lot alike, but his lyrics never disappoint. From "Bottoms Up" and "Small Town Throw Down" to "You Don't Know Her Like I Do," you can't deny that Gilbert has great variety. Some of his songs are slow and Tupelo honey sweet. But he also has a few party anthems and a few songs that sound like they're from an edgy rock album. His latest track is a whole different tune, though.

It's about the memories you'll make throughout your life. It's about living in the moment. Seasons of life can pass you by, so it's important to stay present. You'll have an incredible lifetime to talk about from the comfort of your rocking chair on your wrap around porch later in life. For right now, be young and wild. Have too much fun, seize the day, and bottoms up!

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While there are some other songs out there with the same kind of message, "Rockin' Chairs" is a distinctly Brantley Gilbert gem. Other artists just wouldn't be able to do it justice the way he does.

In Gilbert's own words, there are "some songs you gotta live out loud." Keep this track in mind for the end of the night when the bonfire is dwindling and you've already sung "Friends in Low Places."

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