12 Brambleberry Projects We Love

The best presents are those with a personal touch; ones that were clearly made with love and care. Homemade gifts are a great way to show this, but it can be daunting to figure out how to make a DIY present. Fortunately, Bramble Berry Inc in Bellingham WA sells wonderful kits for various projects, including all of the supplies you need and step-by-step tutorials. From DIY makeup to candles and soap, brambleberry.com has a plethora of fun and thoughtful projects to create and gift this holiday season!

1. Natural Bath Bomb Kit

Bath bombs are the ideal present for any friends and family who need to focus on self care. Taking time to relax and care for yourself is essential, especially during covid, and giving a gift that encourages this is the perfect reminder. This natural bath bomb kit comes with everything you need to make lovely and fragrant bath bombs, along with a how-to video and cute labels for each bomb. It also ships for free to anywhere in the United States!

2. Aloe and Cucumber Face Toner Kit

Another gift focused on self-care is face toner. This aloe and cucumber face toner is perfect for anyone interested in skin care, and it includes natural ingredients like witch hazel, aloe vera concentrate, and cucumber water. This brambleberry kit includes its own box, so you can gift it as soon as you finish making it.

3. Dark Crystal Candle Kit

Candles are a popular item on many holiday wishlists, as they provide aromatherapy and brighten any room. The Dark Crystal Fragrance Oil is a lovely blend of cinnamon, cedarwood, and coconut milk, a warm and inviting scent for a living room or bedroom. You can make 10 DIY candles with this kit and gift them to any candle-loving relatives!

4. Lip Balm Kit

Lip balm is a gift that anyone will appreciate, especially during the drier winter months. This brambleberry kit is great for beginners, and it supplies everything you need to make 20 high-quality homemade lip balm. Using luxurious flavor oils and raspberry colorant, you can create a fun and useful holiday present while keeping some for yourself!

5. Nail Polish Kit

Another colorful craft for the holiday season is DIY nail polish! Many people get a manicure or simply buy a new shade of nail polish as an indulgent treat. By making homemade nail polish, you can personalize each shade using bright colorants to match your gift recipient's preferences.

6. Charcoal Facial Soap Kit

Using this brambleberry charcoal facial soap kit, you can create 12 bars of cold process soap for clean and fragrant skin. Activated charcoal is known to remove impurities from the skin, leaving your face smooth and soft. This kit includes a silicone mold, moisturizing oils, and labels, a super easy and fun way to create a thoughtful present.

7. Emerald Agave Candle Kit

Candle making is a fun craft with a useful result, but it can be difficult to figure out how to make quality candles with the correct materials. This brambleberry candle kit makes it easy by including tins, wax, and printed instructions. You'll end up with 10 emerald agave scented candles to spread a fresh scent through any room.

8. Swirl Handmade Soap Kit

The process of making soap uses science and art, allowing you to get your creative juices flowing while making something practical for those you love. This kit includes soap molds, a soap recipe, and pre-mixed oils for convenience. You simply have to pour soap into the bowls provided, then whisk ingredients and follow the instructions. By the end, you'll have about 10 bars of soap and all of the supplies you need to make batches in the future!

9. Lavender Whipped Body Butter Kit

Lavender is a favorite scent in aromatherapy, renowned for its ability to calm the mind and reduce anxiety. This body butter made with lavender essential oil is an excellent present for anyone in your life who needs a dose of relaxation. This brambleberry body butter kit has jars and instructions, providing all the supplies you need to create moisturizing and calming body butter.

10. Shimmer Lotion Kit

If you're hoping to find a present that is both fun and useful, shimmery lotion is the perfect solution. This lotion kit includes apple sage fragrance oil and snowflake sparkle mica to provide a lovely shimmer on the skin. Gift this to friends and family who need a little sparkle in their life, or keep it for yourself!

11. Buttermilk Soap Kit

This brambleberry soap kit uses buttermilk melt and eucalyptus fragrance oil to create smooth, aromatic soap. Taking a shower is a luxurious experience when it involves homemade, fragrant soap, so this is the perfect gift to provide self-care. You can create your own beautiful swirl design on each soap, so this gives you a chance to get creative as well!

12. Pink Peony Body Butter Kit

This DIY body butter combines the sweet scent of peonies and the smooth texture of shea butter for a lavish moisturizer. Natural ingredients like arrowroot powder, champagne extract and avocado oil create the perfect body butter to keep your skin smooth and healthy. You can make 6 jars with this kit, the perfect amount to share and keep some for yourself!

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