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Don't Try This Brain Teaser If You Haven't Had Coffee Yet

There's a new brain teaser making the rounds, and you'll need an extra shot of caffeine before you tackle it. So set your Mr. Coffee to on, hit the plunger on your French press, or just ask your local barista for a triple tall Americano and get ready to solve this coffee puzzle.

Twitter user @_herbeautyxo posted this little bit of a caffeinated optical illusion.

The logic puzzle asks you to figure out which of the four coffee mugs will get the coffee poured out of the carafe first.

(Generally speaking, I prefer the answer to that particular coffee riddle to be "mine," but that's not the answer this puzzle is seeking.)

brain teaser

As you can see, there are pipes leading to each of the different cups, with reservoirs and different lengths of for the coffee to travel. Your goal is to figure out how the coffee will travel through the pipes and which of the different coffee cups will be filled first.

Unlike some of the other online brain teasing optical illusions, there is a clear, correct answer to this riddle, I promise, though this coffee puzzle has debate percolating. Depending on how your brain works, it may take you a minute to see the solution.

If you haven't determined the correct answer yet and want a hint, I'll let you in on the secret key:

There's no order of fill; only one coffee cup gets any coffee.

Who has the answer now? Not yet? Ready for another drop of a hint?

Read on below for the answer.


Look closely—three of the pathways are blocked off at some point in the maze, meaning that only coffee cup number 5 actually gets any coffee.

Congrats to everyone who figured it out. If you didn't, grab a cup of joe and take another look at this coffee pouring puzzle.

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