Brad Paisley Used YouTube to Learn His Own Song

Screenshot via Facebook/bradpaisley

Brad Paisley got a little help from a talented YouTuber in order to play one of his own songs.

Paisley took to Facebook on Feb. 29 to reveal that he actually forgot how to play the guitar solo of his own song "Little Moments" ahead of a show, and ended up turning to YouTube guitar guru papastache102 to re-learn the forgotten lines.

"Someone requested "Little Moments" tonight," Paisley told his more than 7 million fans on the social media site last week, confessing that the rare request made him have "to learn the solo again."

Paisley also posted a 30 second clip of himself watching the video ahead of his Feb. 26 show at John Q Hammons Arena in Springfield, Mo., where he replayed his 2003 single from the album Mud on the Tires in real-time with the tutorial during sound check.

YouTube user papastache102 originally posted his video onto the video site back in 2011, where he wrote in the video's description that he thinks Paisley is "monster guitar player everyone should check out [whether] you like country music or not."

The YouTuber also described Pasiley's "Little Moments" guitar solo in the almost 10 minute long video as being "one of the easiest solos of [Paisley's] to play."

Watch papastache102's original "Little Moments" by Brad Paisley guitar lesson below;

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Brad Paisley Used YouTube to Learn His Own Song