Brad Paisley to Open For Rolling Stones' Nashville Concert

Brad Paisley will take on the challenge of impressing a crowd of rock fans by opening for the Rolling Stones in Nashville.

It's uncommon for a country artist to open for one of rock music's biggest bands, but that's what fans of the Rolling Stones will see when they attend their Nashville show at LP Field.

Brad Paisley was asked to open for the legendary British rockers and didn't hesitate to accept their offer.

"I flipped out," Paisley told The Tennessean. "It was really cool. I know some of the other openers they're getting in other cities, and it's a really eclectic mix. It shows you the power of this band ... they have headliners opening for them."

For the Rolling Stones' Zip Code 2015 tour, the band chose to ask popular artists like Ed Sheeran and Kid Rock to open, instead of smaller and lesser known acts. Paisley says he isn't nervous about the challenges of opening for a huge act that's in a completely different genre. "It's going to be a blast. The challenge of it makes me smile ... the thought that there's some hipster sitting there thinking, 'crap.'"

Tickets are still available for fans who want to see Paisley give it his all at the Rolling Stones' show at LP Field in Nashville on June 17.

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Brad Paisley to Open For Rolling Stones' Nashville Concert