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Brad Paisley Named Ambassador for UNITED24 Rebuild Ukraine Initiative

Brad Paisley is doing his part to support Ukraine in its war-torn state by joining UNITED24 as an ambassador. Launched by Ukraine's president Volodymyr Zelenskyy, the program aims to raise charitable donations for the country to support defense, medical aid, reconstruction of homes and more. Paisley is specifically joining as an ambassador for the Rebuild Ukraine program, which is focused on rebuilding homes that were damaged during during the current war with Russia. According to CMT, the undertaking is the largest reconstruction project in Ukraine since World War II.

Paisley announced his involvement in the program with a social media post showing himself on a video call with Zelenskyy. In the caption, he shared, "I  know I am not alone in wanting to help Ukraine, but like a lot of people in America, until now I haven't been sure exactly how to lend a hand from over here in the U.S. That's why I'm excited to be an ambassador for"

"I count myself very lucky to have been given a platform that will allow me to do that very thing," he continued in a statement. "As an American, I see how very similar we are, how we share so many common values with these brave people in Ukraine, and I'm focusing my efforts on helping Ukrainian families rebuild and return to their homes."

Zelenskyy also shared a photo of his conversation with Paisley to his official Instagram account, calling for more public figures to join in supporting Ukraine.

"We need to engage as many famous people as possible, who will draw attention to the restoration of homes for Ukrainians affected by the war," he wrote.

More than $275 million has been raised by UNITED24 as a whole so far, and more than $14 million has been collected for the Rebuild Ukraine initiative. The program's website states that reconstruction on Ukrainian homes will begin "soon." Donations can be made to the cause here.

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