Brad Paisley Steps up for West Virginia Flood Victims

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Brad Paisley is stepping up big time to help his home state of West Virginia, which recently was hit with destructive flash floods that killed over 25 people and has left thousands homeless.

Paisley took to Facebook to announce his desire to help, opening his pitch with John Denver's West Virginia anthem "Take Me Home, Country Roads." Paisley then announced a GoFundMe page to help those affected by the natural disaster.

"On June 23rd, my home state of West Virginia experienced tremendous flooding that killed over 20 people and destroyed entire small towns," he posted on his Facebook page. He set a fundraising goal of $1 million, and made the first donation of $100,000.

Paisley's fans immediately jumped on board; his initial Facebook announcement has now been shared over 72,000 times.

In just one day, over $308,000 has been raised on the fundraising page by over 3,000 people. All funds donated will be distributed through West Virginia Flood Relief 2016 - The Brad Paisley Foundation at WESBANCO Trust Department in Wheeling, WV.

Brad took his action one step further and by going to West Virginia to help out with relief efforts. The country star has been documenting his travels on social media, sharing photos of the devastating sights that he is witnessing.

According to CNN, the floods have been the nation's highest death toll from flash flooding since May 2010, when 27 people died in Tennessee, Kentucky and Mississippi. "These communities need your funds. They already have the resolve,the work ethic,& strength," Paisley tweeted along with the following photo.


He also visited a local high school that had been completely wrecked by the floods.


Brad's actions are a great first step in the state's recovery from the brutal flooding. Although Nashville has been Brad's home away from home for many years, it's clear that Paisley still has a fierce love for the people of West Virginia.

It's great to see celebrities like Brad who use their celebrity power to support great causes like this and help those in need.

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Brad Paisley Steps up for West Virginia Flood Victims