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Brad Paisley and John Fogerty Stick up for War Veterans in 'Love and War' Video

In their new video for "Love and War," Brad Paisley and John Fogerty pay tribute to war veterans. But more importantly, they castigate the manner in how we as a country treat them.

Paisley prefaced the video posting by calling the song "one of the most important things I've ever said." "And," he adds, "I'm so honored to say it with John Fogerty."

In it, he and Fogerty highlight veterans from major American wars from World War II to Afghanistan. Much of the video features clips of real veterans currently struggling. "They ship you out to die for us; forget about you when you don't," the pair sing in the chorus.

The duet stands out as one of the strongest tracks on new album Love and War. They shot the video in San Diego by the monument for the USS Midway.

Fogerty's unmistakable voice and guitar style established Creedence Clearwater Revival as a country rock tour de force. They only existed in their original state for five years (from 1967-1972), but the California band stood out as one of the most important protest voices of the Vietnam War. Fogerty also served in the US Army Reserve.

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Paisley told Rolling Stone Country he always wanted Fogerty on the track. But he just hoped the icon wanted to sing the subject matter, since he hadn't in a while.

"When I told him the idea, he said, 'This is so what I want to say,'" Paisley says. He's also not afraid to "go there," which is really refreshing in a genre that sometimes favors caution over truth.

"Who could possibly disagree with this?" Paisley asks. "I don't feel like I'm out on some limb. Everybody from John McCain to Jon Stewart, we all feel this. Somebody has dropped the ball. You don't always know you're right. I know we're right on this." He points out both the U.S. Senator and the popular former late night host who do great work highlighting struggles of veterans and first responders.

Fogerty certainly agrees — he plans to add the song to his own set list.

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