This Boy Snuck into His Neighbor’s Garage to Do Something Adorable

Screengrab via ABC News

Imagine the neighbor’s surprise when she saw this adorable video.

Holly Mallet, who lives west of New Orleans, regularly inspects her home security camera footage. One day she saw a boy ride his bike up to the driveway. After making sure nobody was watching, he quickly jumped off and ran into their garage.

But what was he after?

Well, in a video shared by ABC World News Tonight with David Muir, Mallet says the boy, 9-year old Josh, wanted to steal a hug from her dog Duchess.

It turns out Josh’s family dog passed away a year ago, and he just missed his furry companion. After Mallet saw the video, she wanted to find out who the boy was. She hoped to tell him he’s free to stay and play as long as he likes.

Face it, most of us expect the nightly news to bum us out. The majority of it is either about bad people doing bad things, or bad things happening to good people. But seeing Josh hug Duchess brings a smile to our face.

The fact that Mallet cared enough to find the kiddo just makes it that much better. So whenever you’re feeling bummed out, remember: good people do good things every day.

And when it’s an extra rough day, there’s nothing to cheer you up like a good old fashioned hug from a dog.

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This Boy Snuck into His Neighbor’s Garage to Do Something Adorable