Get Boston Coffee Cake Without the Trip to New England

Boston coffee cake is a big hit with New Englanders, but is it really that good? Is it the best cake you'll ever taste? Let's just answer that with a simple yes!

Boston coffee cake is what dreams are made of. Literally. It's sweet with a little spice, not coffee flavored, and not too cake heavy. With a little bit of sour cream, soybean oil, baking soda, and nonfat milk, this cake is easy to make at home as well.

New Englanders love it because its not only a staple for them, but it's a long-lived tradition. They've brought the cake to every celebration, knowing full well that people would claim it as the best coffee cake. Not to mention, it tastes like fall in cake form. You won't get your daily value of dietary fiber from this cake, and it contains mono and diglycerides as well as propylene glycol, but cake isn't really a health food to begin with.

Since it's that good, we thought we'd share just how you can get your hands on one. If you're hoping to get an original Boston coffee cake delivered, we've got just the place. has it all!

Not only is their Boston coffee cake a best seller, the Boston coffee cake cinnamon walnut also made it to the top. Other flavors you can try out include the blueberry blizzard, caramel apple, cranberry orange, golden pumpkin, marble madness, and also their whoopie pies.

If you're in the Massachusetts area, you can also pick up celebration or corporate gifts. The serving size is great for a group, but you can order minis as well that can be set up as a tower of cakes.

Though this is a fast fix to cake craving in New England, you can also make one in a rush at home. There are plenty of Boston coffee cake recipes online. Especially for the Cinnamon walnut coffee cake. It only requires a few ingredients.

For all the gluten-free folks, check out Bake'N Joy Foods, Inc. They have dairy and gluten free options. Hey, when you're trying to cut back on cholesterol, total carbohydrates and total fat, this option is a welcome one!