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These Booze-Filled Christmas Ornaments are Exactly What You Need to Make it Through the Holidays

The holidays are a stressful time of year, but these booze-filled Christmas ornaments could be just the thing to take off the edge.

Made by Lakes Distillery in England, these glass Christmas baubles are filled with your choice of whiskey, gin or vodka.

One costs just under £20 (about $26), or you could purchase a pack for £35 pounds (about $46).

International shipping can get dicey though, especially trying to send breakable vials of liquor through the mail. So here are some less complicated, more domestic options.

You could literally tie airplane bottles to your tree. Hear me out - airplane bottles with a little ribbon, really who needs anything fancier than that? People already decorate with Jack Daniels logos and wear them as t-shirts anyway.

Another option for the crafty people - you could DIY a boozy Christmas ornament. They're really not that complicated. Buy a good bottle of whatever you like, set in a supply of these ornaments and attach a festive ribbon, voila! You are instantly on Santa's good list, without the international shipping hassle.


They are made from plastic which is food safe, and since they're made of plastic, they won't shatter when you drunkenly miss the branch as you go to sneakily put them back on the tree.

Regardless of how you pull it off, a little nip around the Christmas tree is sure to have you laughing all the way as you're dashing through the snow.

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