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These Cowboy Boot Shot Glasses Are Perfect Father's Day Gifts

I'll never say no to a cold can of beer, but if I can have it in a glass, I prefer it that way. Would I be wrong if I said fancy drinking glasses were part of the whole brewery or pub experience? American pint glasses and snifters are two of my favorite beer glasses, but this boot beer glass is the real winner.

It's time to step up your drinkware with a beer boot glass. It's the perfect gift for any beer lover. It's a great gift for anyone who has been looking for their staple beer glass. We all have our favorite wine and shot glasses, why not add an awesome beer glass to the mix?

Libbey Boot Mug Half-Liter (16.9 oz) - Set of 2

It doesn't get more western (or Texan) than this! Get your cowboy boots on and head on over to Amazon for your very own cowboy boot mug. This beer mug has more of a western look to it, rather than a Das Boot.

What is a Das Boot Beer Glass?

The history behind the German beer boot is quite interesting. Once, a German general said he would drink from his boot, but he definitely meant a boot beer glass. There's something about this glass boot mug that screams, "Cheers." Or as Germany would say, 'Prost!'

You may be reluctant to drink from it, but it's not that tricky. Move the toe to the left or right while you drink your favorite German beer. This high-quality glass beer boot is dishwasher safe, so feel free to wash it with your kitchen & dining glassware. Be sure also to check out these shot glasses. Customer reviews are fantastic.

Whiskey Shot Glasses Funny Cowboy Boots, Set of 6

One customer said she used these at her rehearsal dinner at a BBQ restaurant in Austin, Texas. That is how you coordinate! Get an early head start on stocking stuffers and gift your favorite beer lover with a beer mug or boot shot glass.

This post was originally posted on March 25, 2020.

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