Bonnie Brown in Critical Care with Complications from Cancer

(From left) Bonnie, Jim Ed and Maxine Brown. Photo via CMA

Country Music Hall of Fame member Bonnie Brown is in critical care, and her family is asking fans to keep the singer in their prayers.

Brown, who is best known for being one third of the famous country group The Browns, announced last year that she was diagnosed with Stage IV Adenocarcinoma in her right lung. The shocking revelation came just a few weeks after the passing of her brother Jim Ed Brown's death from lung cancer last June.

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According to a message posted on Jim Ed Brown's official Facebook page, Bonnie "experienced complications from a blood clot" and is currently recovering in a critical care unit. "We hope you will all lift her up in prayer," Bonnie's family asks. "Thank you in advance."

The Browns were inducted into the Country Music Hall of Fame in September 2016. During the ceremony, Bonnie Brown shared her optimism for the future.

"As Jim Ed said at the announcement of our induction into the Country Music Hall of Fame earlier this year, 'Cancer is no fun,' and I agree," she told the crowd. "I have full faith in my oncologist and I trust in them to determine the best path to my full recovery. I am surrounded by the love and support of my family, and I am determined to live many more years."

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Bonnie Brown in Critical Care with Complications from Cancer