Bonnaroo Organizers in Talks to Create Country Music Festival

Music fans may soon have a new reason to pack up and head out to Manchester, Tennessee. Nashville Convention and Visitors Corp.

President and CEO Butch Spyridon told the Tennessean that he had recently been in talks with the organizers behind Bonnaroo Music and Arts Festival. Superfly Presents, AC Entertainment and Live Nation run the massive festival and have recently been working to create a country music festival that would coincide with Bonnaroo.

“The Bonnaroo folks even before Live Nation have talked about that for some time,” Spyridon said. “Since they own the land, they’d like to hold more than one event per year.”

Earlier this year, Superfly co-founder Rick Farman told Billboard that festival organizers are “going to put a greater emphasis on bringing some other events to the farm, which I think will be beneficial to everyone involved, the Bonnaroo community and the local and regional community as well.”

So far, the hardest part in creating this new country-themed event is deciding on a date. The massively popular CMA Fest has taken over Nashville during the same time that Bonnaroo has been held over the past few years. Because of this, organizers and community leaders are trying to not to step on any toes.

“I think timing of such an event is probably the most important thing,” Spyridon said. “There’s room, but, and I have not talked to them in recent weeks about it, but I would hope that we walk through the timing to make sure it makes sense for everybody.”

Since Coachella launched Stagecoach in 2007, many large-scale pop and rock festivals have been launching country fests that are held at the same venue. Until organizers agree, festival lovers will just have to wait patiently and keep their fingers crossed.

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Bonnaroo Organizers in Talks to Create Country Music Festival