Preschool Teacher Surprised with Adorable Lobster Proposal

In an exciting twist on just a regular day at preschool, Bobster the Lobster, cousin of the crab, makes a surprise appearance to his beloved and pops the question.

Elsa Cremer, a preschool teacher, was asked to read a mysterious new book aloud to her students on film for a marketing segment. Little did she know that Bobster the Lobster was her very own sweetheart, Joe, who had penned the book himself, sending Bobster on adventures that Joe and Elsa had actually taken. The book’s ending seemed to be missing a page, and that’s exactly where this video picks up the story of Bobster the Lobster.

Elsa writes on her YouTube post of the moment: “Last Monday morning, as I was prepping my classroom for the day (at Piper Preschool), I received a call from my boss wondering if I’d mind reading a story to the kids while they recorded me for ‘marketing purposes.’ They told me the book I’d be reading was written by a friend of theirs. What they didn’t tell me was that their ‘friend’ was my boyfriend, Joe Graceffa, and that he had written and illustrated the book with a surprise ending just for me.”

Well, congratulations Elsa and Bobs…er, I mean, Joe! Wishing you a lifetime of happiness and seafaring excitement. If you want to learn more about Joe, you can check out his business venture here!

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Preschool Teacher Surprised with Adorable Lobster Proposal