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Bobby Duncan Reflects on Life's Lessons on 'Maybe This Time' [Premiere]


Alt-country and Americana singer-songwriter Bobby Duncan makes a new start with clear eyes, a new perspective and wisdom on reflective "Maybe This Time," the title track from his forthcoming album (out April 1).

"I've been a seeker, I've battled faith, I've searched for answers and been lost along the way," Duncan sings. "And I've been a gambler, but I've never put it all on the line. I've spent my life holding back, but maybe this time..." 

Duncan says the song, while written from his own unique point of view, explores a universal truth.

'Maybe This Time' is a song that I had to put down and come back to later," Duncan tells Wide Open Country. "I can't explain why songs come to us like this at different times, but this chorus jumped off the page at me. It all clicked and I started writing down different verses. The idea broadened in a way that allowed me to explore it from a new perspective. It's a personal story, but it's also very relatable; I often tell people they are bound to know someone in these verses. Maybe it's them. Maybe it's me. Maybe it's all of us."


Listen to "Maybe This Time" below.


Maybe This Time is the Fort Worth-based artist's fourth studio album .


"This album is definitely the most honest and personal collection of songs I've released so far," Duncan said in a press statement. "It's a story about figuring it out. Failing, dusting yourself off, and trying again, all the while learning to be okay if you fail more. I knew early on that it would take time to gather enough songs to tell this story. I was growing in real-time, and you can't speed up life's lessons."


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