Bobby Bones Reveals He Spent Thousands on Hoax to Earn Listeners

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In the past few years, Bobby Bones has transformed himself from a pop deejay in Austin to one of the most recognizable names in the entertainment world of country music. When he decided to make the move from Texas to Nashville, he realized his style of radio hosting might not be immediately welcomed by country fans. In order to make sure he was successful in his transition, he decided to launch a secret publicity stunt to make him the talk of the town.

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In his new book, Bones revealed his decision to use drastic measures in order ensure the success of “The Bobby Bones Show” in Nashville. He admits using $13,000 of his own money to buy billboards across town with the words “GO AWAY BOBBY BONES.” Most people naturally thought the message was erected by one of the many early critics of Bones and his methods.

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Bobby Bones paid for these billboards to generate controversy to drive ratings. Screengrab via YouTube

During his ten-year run on Austin’s KHFI, he became known for his unconventional style of hosting and controversial on-air skits. Plus, Bones had close to zero experience in the world of country music, which made many question how qualified he was to play and interview artists in town.

The billboards became a big topic of discussion and did exactly what they were meant to do – increase his ratings. Just a few years later, Bones is often seen at country music events around town and has become the guy to see when you’re an emerging artist looking for airplay. His comedy band Bobby Bones and the Raging Idiots managed to get collaborations from big stars like Carrie Underwood, even though their tracks could be described as corny at best.

Although his plan may have worked to his advantage, time will tell if his admission that it was all a ploy to manipulate people into learning more about him will rub fans the wrong way. That doesn’t seem to bother Bones much, who says in his book, “my attitude wasn’t winning me any friends — or listeners. I needed to get people to like me, or at least feel sorry for me.”

With his new revelation that he went behind the back of his own employers and friends to create a hoax in order to gain stardom, I don’t think Bones will have many feeling sorry for him.

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Bobby Bones Reveals He Spent Thousands on Hoax to Earn Listeners