Bobby Bones Gives Love and Theft Song New Life

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There was a point in their career where you would've thought Love and Theft had it all. Back in 2012, they were on the brink of country music stardom.

Signed to Sony Nashville and watching their debut single "Angel Eyes" peak at number one, it seemed this would be only the beginning for Stephen Barker Liles and Eric Gunderson.

But, with a different kind of country music on the rise, the pair was dropped from their label in 2014 and left to fend the business on their own. That same year Love and Theft self-released an emotionally vulnerable song surrounding the pains of addiction and the desire to find the strength to overcome it.

"Whiskey On My Breath," though incredibly written and produced, didn't fare well and drowned in the wake of country radio.

That is, until Bobby Bones, nationally syndicated radio host and avid supporter of the underdogs, stumbled upon it. After expressing his admiration for the song during his show this week, "Whiskey On My Breath" went from outside the Top 200 on iTunes to No. 2 all in one day.

Bobby Bones is no stranger to catapulting the career of artists. In almost the same scenario he took Chris Janson's song "Buy Me A Boat" to the top of the iTunes charts, which eventually landed the singer a deal with Warner Bros. The song is now certified platinum.

"Whiskey on My Breath" is well-deserving of the same fate as is delivers a powerful message of truth, far from the usual party-hard anthems that have lately been dominating the music scene. Perhaps this week Bobby Bones reignited a career whose flame had burned out far too early. Only time will tell.

View the video below to listen to "Whiskey On My Breath," and let us know what you think.

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Bobby Bones Gives Love and Theft Song New Life