Bobby Bare
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Garth Brooks Invites Bobby Bare to Rejoin the Grand Ole Opry

Bobby Bare took to the Grand Ole Opry stage over the weekend on his 83rd birthday to play a show for a crowd of adoring fans who ended up witnessing a historic night.

In the 1960s, Bare became a member of the Grand Ole Opry, but as the Tennessean explains, his membership lapsed in the 1970s. A lapse in membership hasn't happened lately, but it occurred decades ago for Bare since he "just drifted away," as he explained in the above video.

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But Bobby Bare's name was never removed from the list of members backstage. He picked up a relationship with the Opry once again and even played the stage over 10 times last year, so it was obviously time for Bare to officially rejoin. Like Grand Ole Opry general manager Sally Williams said, "The only right thing to do is for him to be a part of the Opry family again. Every time he (plays), it's like old home night."

During the historic show on April 7th, Garth Brooks walked out on to the Opry stage while Bare was about to finish up his set. With a mischevious grin, Brooks said, "You have absolutely no idea what's about to happen, do you?" Brooks explained to Bare and the audience that it was his honor to welcome Bare back to the Opry, saying, "The Grand Ole Opry, for me, isn't about membership. The Grand Ole Opry isn't a club. The Grand Ole Opry is a family. Family is forever." Of course, Bare wholeheartedly accepted the offer.

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