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You Can Win This 13-Acre Lavender Farm, If You Can Write a Great Essay


Bluebird Hill Farm in Bennett, N.C. has been owned and operated by Norma Burns for the last 18 years. Instead of passing down the farm to a family member or an employee, Burns has decided to host a contest. The winner of the competition will be awarded the title to USDA-certified farm.

Norma Burns has cultivated Bluebird Hill Farm with her love for lavender, all things landscaping and the memory of her late husband. It's important to her that the farm is passed on to a couple who share her love for the land.

In addition to being awarded the farm title, winners also receive Burns' documentation that lays the blueprint of how to run the farm. In addition, Burns' generosity will help the new owners meet suppliers and understand the organic certification process.

If there are enough entries into the contest, the winner will also receive $50,000 that will help them move into the farm. Basically, they're offering a cash relocation package.


The contest details are easy enough. Whip up your best 200-word essay on why you and your partner should win the farm. It's important to note Norma Burns is set on a qualified couple owning Bluebird Hill Farm. In the entry package, applicants need to provide a small sample resume to prove their qualifications to continue to run the organic farm.

Sign, seal and deliver your entry (including a cashier's check or money order for $300.00) by the contest deadline on June 1.

(Editor's Note: The deadline for entry has just been extended to Aug. 1.)

Conveniently, the deadline is near the annual lavender harvest. This means you've got time to dream of what your own lavender fields could look like this time next year.


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