Boy Sucked Down Drain at Texas' Blue Hole Park After Vandals Remove Grate

Facebook/Elizabeth Crow

A Texas mother says her 9-year-old son was almost killed during a swim in one of the state's most popular swimming holes.

According to KXAN, Elizabeth Crow's young son, Benny, was enjoying a swim along the main rock wall at Blue Hole Park in Georgetown when he was sucked into one of the drain holes. She documented the terrifying moments that followed in a now-viral Facebook post.

"I was pulling with everything I had to get my baby out from this hole, the water was so strong," Elizabeth shared. "I thought I was going to have to watch my son drown infront of me. Some women can over and started to help me pull him, we still couldn't get him out, Benny was turning blue and passed out."

Although he was underwater for three minutes, Benny was pulled from the water just in time. He was quickly transported to a local hospital where he was released the following day.

"I want you all to know and understand how fast things can happen," Crow wrote. "How quick your life can change. Benny by the grace of God has no water in his lungs. He has no broken bones."

A city spokesperson told KXAN that vandals had removed the grate sometime that previous evening. The grate was reinstalled a short time after Benny was rescued. He also assured all visitors that all grates in the swimming hole will be bolted down and periodically checked to insure swimmers' safety.

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Boy Sucked Down Drain at Texas' Blue Hole Park After Vandals Remove Grate