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I Tried 5 Blue Diamond Almonds Bold Flavors and Ranked Them

We're still in the early days of 2020, which means I'm still holding on to my health goals. Gone are the days of munching on hot fries any time I need a snack. I've turned to almonds as a midday snack, and before you think these are plain almonds, know that these are far from it! Blue Diamond Almonds flavors are just as yummy as most chips.

Snack foods have been comforting to me since my first tooth came in! Over the years, I've learned that there's no harm in snacking, as long as it's healthy. Blue Diamond Almonds have six grams of protein and only have 170 calories per serving. I don't always have time to cut up fruit or make a smoothie, and these fit perfectly into my office desk.

Blue Diamond Almonds

Allison Johnson

I have nothing but good things to say about these flavors, although, I do favor some over the others. Here's my ranking of the Bold Blue Diamond Almonds flavors.

1. Bold Salt 'n Vinegar

Salt n Vinegar almonds

Allison Johnson

I love, love, love salt and vinegar! Salty and vinegar flavoring is one of my all-time favorites. Since I mentioned vinegar, I'll go ahead and let y'all know that a Blue Diamond Spicy Dill Pickle flavor is coming soon! I love Blue Diamond for thinking of their Southern fans obsessed with pickles.

These almonds are salty, but not too salty. I can see myself munching on these when I get the taste for salty chips. They're much healthier, and I enjoy the source of protein after a workout.

2. Bold Sweet Thai Chili

Sweet Thia chili

Allison Johnson

As someone who puts pepper sauce on just about anything, it's no surprise that these are in my top three flavors. What differentiates them from sriracha almonds is the sweet aftertaste. If you're craving a salty, yet sweet snack, give these a try.

Sweet Thai Chili Blue Diamond almonds are a fulfilling snack when you're craving sweet chili chicken from a local eats near you.

3. Bold Sriracha

Sriracha almonds

Allison Johnson

Anyone else put sriracha sauce on their food? I do! I've come across sriracha and ketchup mixes at some of my favorite restaurants here in Texas, and wow, it's delicious. These almonds have the perfect blend of sriracha and salt.

I have to say, the coating on these almonds may seem overwhelming when you take a look at your fingers, but the flavoring is perfect. Although the flavor is bold, you don't feel like you just chugged sriracha straight from the bottle. I could see myself putting these in a salad.

4. Bold Wasabi & Soy Sauce

Wasabi & Soy sauce

Allison Johnson

?Okay, so on the packaging it says intense taste. This flavor is very intense! Does anyone eat wasabi with their sushi? If you do, you'll love this flavor. While they're not as spicy as wasabi sauce, my taste buds enjoyed the overall taste of the famous spice.

5. Bold Habanero BBQ

Habanero BBQ almonds

Allison Johnson

The taste test comes to an end with Habanero BBQ. They are yummy, but I was hoping for a big kick of habanero. Of course, it wouldn't be healthy if these were coated like potato chips, but hey, as someone who's a sucker for hot chips, our taste buds are just wired differently.

They have a subtle spicy taste, so if you're on the search for barbecued-flavored almonds, this is the almond flavor for you.

Overall, these are the best almonds I've ever tried. I'll definitely be throwing these in my yogurt in the mornings. I'm looking forward to new products in the future. I already know that Spicy Dill Pickle is going to be my new addiction.

Does anyone make a homemade trail mix? My mom has the best spicy Chex Mix recipe of all time, and I'm going to recommend these new flavors to her! These oven-roasted almonds would make a great addition to it.

I love these almonds, and you will too! Get creative with your recipes and add a flavor to one. Head to your local grocery store or add them to your grocery list at

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