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Blue Bell Unveiling New Flavor on Friday


Blue Bell ice cream will reveal a brand new ice cream flavor on Friday. They’ve been getting people excited on social media by dropping some clues.

Blue Bell shared a picture of two pairs of cowboy boots on their Instagram. The caption reads, “Grab your partner, here we go. Blue Bell Ice Cream is about to release a brand new flavor, did you know? This one will have you dancing in the grocery store aisles.”

Production of the ice cream came to a halt last year after a listeria outbreak that left three people dead. Now, it looks like Blue Bell is looking to get back into the game with its new flavor reveal.

Yesterday on social media, the Texas-based creamery gave another little hint. “No bowls or boots required, but we guarantee this new flavor will have your taste buds two-steppin’!” Then, they add, “Our newest creation is a combination of ingredients from two of our top-selling ice cream flavors.”

Good news! The new flavor will also be available at most store locations on Friday.

Here’s to hoping that on Friday they will announce a partnership with Girl Scout and the new ice cream is ‘Do-Si-Do cookie flavored’. Hey, a girl can dream.

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Blue Bell Unveiling New Flavor on Friday