Blue Bell Ice Cream

The New Blue Bell Ice Cream Release Has Us Dreaming of Spring

What signals the beginning of springtime to you? It could be the wildflowers on the roadside, or the Bluebonnets finally peeking through the dirt. Maybe it's not the greenery around to you, but the new ways you can explore the tastes of spring. Local farmer's markets bloom to life in the springtime with so many fresh varieties of produce, it truly is a magical time to try things like ramps, fiddleheads, and morel mushrooms. However, there is one more way you can enjoy springtime this year: a half gallon of Blue Bell Ice Cream Cherry Vanilla.

Not too long ago, we looked at the 20 best Blue Bell flavors, ranked from best to worst. Homemade Vanilla took home the top spot, but one of the questions we received from readers the most was when Cherry Vanilla would be on store shelves. Of course, we had to get through the holiday lineup of Blue Bell flavors, from a sold-out Christmas Cookies to Peppermint Bark. Now it looks like we are finally able to pick up Cherry Vanilla grocery stores where Blue Bell is carried.

Cherry Vanilla Ice Cream has a smoothy, creamy vanilla ice cream with maraschino cherry halves inside. The ice cream is tinted deliciously pink, and the cherry halves are always the perfect texture instead of frozen solid. The beloved Texas Blue Bell Creameries just makes the best ice cream around and according to many of our fans, Cherry Vanilla is the best flavor.

Not as sweet as a cake ice cream, like Groom's Cake or Bride's Cake, Blue Bell Cherry Vanilla is the perfect ice cream to pair with a homemade banana split. Normally, we'd list the ways you should have your ice cream and eat it, too. This time, though, we're going to suggest some excellent flavor pairings.

1. Cherry Vanilla + Dutch Chocolate


Spin these two flavors into a homemade milkshake that will convince you to never buy one again. The cherries blend together with the chocolate, and the resulting combination of natural vanilla bean with chocolate is a smooth, creamy sip.

2. Cherry Vanilla + Cookies 'n Cream


A double-decker ice cream sandwich is the best way to consume this delightful combination. Simply stack a scoop of Cherry Vanilla between two sugar cookies, and add one more scoop of Cookies 'n Cream to the bottom. Top with a third cookie, and you've got the best homemade treat you can make in 5 minutes or less.

3. Cherry Vanilla + Buttered Pecan


Say what you want about this combination, but until you've had an icebox pie with a graham cracker crust with both flavors swirled together, you don't know how good it really is. You can use a springform pan for a free-standing cake, or you can use a pie pan for a more structured pie.

Simply pull both cartons out to come to room temperature, then dollop equal amounts of each flavor into a store-bought graham cracker pie crust. Freeze until solid, slice, and serve!

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