Texas Investor ‘Ensures’ the Return of Blue Bell Ice Cream

Blue Bell Creameries has announced that a prominent Texas businessman has invested in the company’s efforts to bring its beloved ice cream back to store shelves.

On July 14, the company released a statement introducing Sid Bass as a new partner. Bass is a well-known investor, philanthropist and an active figure in his family’s large-scale oil and gas business. Blue Bell’s newest investor was even ranked as the 324th wealthiest person in the U.S. by Forbes in 2014.

The company did not disclose just how much Bass invested in the company’s efforts to resume full-production operations. According to ABC News, Paul Kruse, CEO and president of Blue Bell, said Bass made a “significant investment” in the company and the “additional capital will ensure the successful return of [Blue Bell] ice cream.”

Earlier this year, Blue Bell shut down production and issued a nationwide recall after three people died and seven people were struck ill from listeria found in the company’s ice cream. After production stopped, inspectors found more traces of the bacteria within Blue Bell’s Texas and Oklahoma plants. No specific date has been announced for when Blue Bell products will be back in stores. Though last week, it announced plans to begin test production runs in its Alabama plant.

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Texas Investor ‘Ensures’ the Return of Blue Bell Ice Cream