Blue Bell Creamery

Brand New Blue Bell Ice Cream Flavor Hits Shelves for Limited Time

One of the best parts of elementary school was celebrating every student's birthday. Sometimes parents brought in cupcakes or popcorn, but the real party started when someone brought in a cookie cake. And now Texas-based Blue Bell Ice Cream is bringing the party home with their newest flavor, Cookie Cake ice cream. Get out the multi-colored streamers and balloons; it's a party!

Arriving in stores starting April 25th, new Cookie Cake ice cream features a sweet ice cream loaded with chocolate chip cookie cake pieces and swirls of chocolate and vanilla icing. "We have made many flavors that combine cookie or cake pieces with our ice cream, but this is our first cookie cake," said Joe Robertson, executive director of advertising and marketing for Blue Bell. "The cookie cake pieces are delicious. They are chewy and loaded with chocolate chips. The chocolate and vanilla icing swirls are the finishing touches in every bite. "

The limited-time flavor is available in both half-gallon and pint sizes, perfect for eating as an after-school snack or serving up at a pool party.

Cookie Cake ice cream is the second new flavor to hit shelves this year. Earlier, the brand introduced Raspberry Fudge Brownie to the line-up. Raspberry Fudge Brownie ice cream features a creamy almond ice cream dotted with fudge brownie chunks, flakes of dark chocolate and a fruity raspberry sauce swirl.

The brand also recently re-released some frozen favorites, including Peaches & Homemade Vanilla, which is a mouthwatering combination of homemade vanilla ice cream and juicy peach pieces. You can also find Krunch Bars, Banana Pops, and Ice Cream Sandwiches on store shelves now.

Are there more new flavors in store for us this year? You bet! "We have released two great-tasting, brand new flavors so far this year, Raspberry Fudge Brownie and now Cookie Cake," Robertson said. "And, I am happy to say we are not finished. More new ice cream flavors along with frozen snacks and other favorites will be released to stores throughout the year." We can't wait. 

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