Blue Bell to Resume Test Production After Listeria Outbreak

Ice cream fans, rejoice! Blue Bell Creameries announced it’s one step closer to bringing its beloved dairy products back to store shelves.

On July 8, the Texas-based ice cream company notified the FDA of its plans to begin a limited production run at their Sylacauga, Ala. plant. During that time, plant officials will closely monitor the content and quality of the products being produced. Blue Bell stopped production after the bacteria Listeria was found in its products and was connected to three deaths and seven cases of illness across the country.

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Sandra Eskin, a food safety expert, told ABC News that it will take an enhanced effort by the company to keep the bacteria from reemerging in its products. “Listeria lives in places like drains…you really got to look everywhere,” she said. “They have to design a monitoring system that’s designed to catch it. You can sample and not catch it, that’s easy.”

Greg Bridges, vice president of operations for Blue Bell, said the company is dedicated to bringing a safe product back into its consumers’ hands.

“We have been working diligently to prepare our facilities to resume test production and our focus throughout this process has been to ensure the public that when our products return to market, they are safe.”

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Blue Bell to Resume Test Production After Listeria Outbreak