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Blue Bell Announces New Ice Cream Flavor

Blue Bell

Blue Bell has announced a brand new, boot-scootin’ ice cream flavor, just in time for National Ice Cream Month.

Cookie Two Step is a mixture of vanilla ice cream with chunks of chocolate crème filled cookies and chocolate chip cookie dough pieces. It combines the elements of Blue Bell’s two most popular flavors.

Earlier this week, Blue Bell teased their newest creation with a picture of two pairs of cowboy boots on their Instagram. “Grab your partner, here we go,” the caption read. “Blue Bell Ice Cream is about to release a brand new flavor, did you know? This one will have you dancing in the grocery store aisles.”

This new flavor reveal is a much-needed bit of good news for Blue Bell, who have been struggling to recover from last year’s listeria outbreak. The company halted all production on their ice cream for months after three people died from the bacteria.

If all this ice cream talk has you craving a few scoops, you’re in luck! Cartons of Cookie Two Step are available in grocery stores beginning today, July 15. You may want to grab your boots and step on the gas, because this flavor is likely to fly off the shelves.

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Blue Bell Announces New Ice Cream Flavor