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Take on the Blooper Burger Challenge at Atlanta's Truist Park

It used to be that ballpark food was kind of boring, if not just downright bad. But these days, ballparks across the country are offering great food and drink options at their concession stands. But they are also trying to outdo each other with some really outrageous menu items. And one of the wildest things you can order at a ballgame is the Blooper Burger.

Pitchers and catchers have reported, so it's time to start planning your baseball season adventures. We've detailed some crazy ballpark food, and we've told you how to make some of your own, but now we're sharing what truly is an inspired baseball burger.

You find the Blooper Burger at Truist Park (until recently known as Suntrust Park) in Atlanta, Georgia. Home to the Atlanta Braves, Truist Park has all sorts of food for fans to try. Last year, they introduced new concoctions including a whole fried chicken, along with a chicken and waffle boat and a footlong hotdog filled with bacon jam and cheddar cheese and wrapped in a puff pastry then topped with queso and bacon.

But the Blooper Burger is something special. There are, count 'em, four cheeseburger patties, four chicken tenders and a foot long hot dog, topped with lettuce, tomato, onion and jalapenos, then covered in American cheese and nacho cheese sauce, all on Texas toast.

Executive Chef Pete Smithing created the monster sandwich named after the Braves' mascot Blooper. Smithing told NPR's Morning Edition, "It's got everything you would eat, just all at one time."

By the way, the Blooper burger comes with a side of caramel popcorn, just to put the whole thing over the top.

If you can't make an Atlanta Braves game at home, there are plenty of other MLB parks with some pretty wild food. If you want a chance to see the Washington Nationals (the 2019 World Series champs) take a run at the title again, visit Nationals Park in Washington, D.C. for the bulgogi hoagie, a sandwich made with Korean beef, caramelized onions and kimchi cheese (known as "kim-Cheez Whiz").

Or head to Arlington, Texas and Globe Life Park, where the Texas Rangers play, for the Fowl Pole, which is (no joke) a two-pound chicken tender served on a bed of waffle fries. The Pittsburgh Pirates serve up the Pittsburgh Cone, which combines Kielbasa, pierogi, Swiss cheese, sauerkraut and Russian dressing all in a waffle cone. Get the "Little Buds" when you see the St. Louis Cardinals play; it's eight burger sliders topped with Budweiser beer cheese, garlic aioli and pickles, and served piled high with tater tots.

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