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See Andrew Combs' Eerie New Video for 'Blood Hunters'

Fans of great Americana music and Netflix's hit show Stranger Things finally have their dream mashup. Andrew Combs just released his new music video for "Blood Hunters," and it's easily one of the coolest — if not creepiest — new music videos out there.

On the surface, "Blood Hunters" sure feels like a sci-fi horror theme. "You can run and you can hide," Combs sings. "They will be watching, casting down their wretched eyes. They will be waiting."

Yeah, already feels like a Halloween anthem. But a deeper listen suggests Combs is actually tackling the monsters we make of our own self-doubt. In an interview with Rolling Stone Country, Combs mentioned he wrote the song after a big tour when he didn't know what to do with himself.

"It's about mental illness and this unknown force that is making you question everything," Combs says. "It takes 48 hours to acclimate at the end of tour, and it's a weird time when you are in limbo. You get restless."

The way he and director Ry Cox choose to materialize those mental monsters is really chilling. And truly effective. Check out the brand new video below.

While the video ends with Combs staring down the beast, it really leaves a lot to the imagination. And hopefully warrants a sequel.

Combs released "Blood Hunters" as the second track off his new album, Canyons Of My Mind. The Dallas native now living in Nashville really broke onto the scene with his previous album, 2015's All These Dreams.

Combs also recently found out he's going to be a father. Though the album was written before the good news, the videos weren't. That's why this one and first song "Dirty Rain" prominently feature kids.

"That's definitely something I have been thinking about a lot: bringing up a child in this day and age," Combs says. "Technology, the craziness going on, everything - it's scary times, bringing a child into that."

Canyons Of My Mind drops April 7.

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