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Blake Shelton's Old Tweets are Stirring Controversy

Blake Shelton's old tweets just landed him in hot water. At least, they're allegedly his. The Twitter world lashed out at Shelton, calling him racist, homophobic and misogynistic for the remarks.

But did he actually make them?

According to Fox News Entertainment, Twitter user @MusicFactsTea unearthed the since-deleted tweets yesterday. Most of the tweets came before Shelton landed his coaching gig on NBC's The Voice 2011. However, several of the alleged tweets were made after he signed onto the show.

"I was 19-years-old when my heart first got broken," another questionable tweet read. "I'm over it now but I wonder what that fat ugly bitch is up to...."

Obviously, the Twitter user says Shelton deleted the Tweets long ago. Saving Country Music notes that Shelton's account lost about 10,000 Tweets over night. That's pretty damning of an artist trying to hide unflattering old comments.

Another tweet insinuates somebody speaking a foreign language is a terrorist. Others go on to make light of date rape and sexual fantasies of minors.

So did Shelton Tweet all those nasty things? Given the history of his Twitter account and attempts at humor, it wouldn't be surprising. So far, Shelton hasn't commented on the alleged tweets.

In 2011, he faced similar backlash for a tweet he posted about the Shania Twain song, "Any Man Of Mine." Shelton said he changed the lyrics to, "Any man that tries/Touching my behind/He's gonna be a beaten, bleedin', heaving kind of guy."

Shelton eventually apologized for the tweet. Now, many fans are demanding an apology for these newly unearthed tweets as well. Others say he's since changed his ways. Most of Shelton's attempts at humor now focus on himself or friends instead of groups of people.

Shelton is currently on tour through October. In May, he released If I'm Honest, which has sold more than 350,000 copies so far.

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