Flashback: Jimmy Fallon Makes Blake Shelton Try Sushi for the First Time

Blake Shelton goes outside of his comfort zone and tries sushi for the first time in this funny segment for Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon segment.

After learning Shelton had never tried sushi before, Fallon takes him to Nobu and forces him to eat several different courses of sushi. The result is hysterical.

When they first sit down, Fallon jokingly instructs Shelton not to eat the hot towel, and then pokes fun at him for how he cleans his hands. Then, Fallon introduces Shelton to sake, or as they call it throughout the video -- rice wine. Shelton proclaims that it tastes like "Easter egg coloring," but that doesn't stop him from asking for it about a dozen times.

While not a fan of ginger, which he says has the texture of pre-chewed gum, Shelton did admit he liked one of the sushi rolls. Course two is sashimi, and which causes Shelton to ask, "Hey, what could be more disgusting than raw fish? Whatever this is." Judging by the look on his face, he's not a fan.

When Fallon asks him to plug his record and say what the album name is, Shelton doesn't say anything, presumably because he was trying to choke down whatever he just ate. This causes Fallon to cheekily suggests the title "This Bar Ain't Good Enough," and breaks into a hilarious, on-the-spot country song. Shelton's response? "More rice wine!"

The guys also take down some fried bait, jumbo prawn and a sea urchin shot, none of which Shelton is a fan of. At the end, Fallon reveals the final course which is a Big Mac cheeseburger. Now there's something Shelton can get into.

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Flashback: Jimmy Fallon Makes Blake Shelton Try Sushi for the First Time