Blake Shelton Gives Special Gift to Fan Injured in Motorcycle Accident

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When Blake Shelton received a fan letter via Facebook from an injured man who missed his concert, he responded in the most amazing way.

Jonathan Daniels bought his girlfriend, Lindsay, tickets to see Shelton for her birthday. In his note, Daniels explained that Lindsay is a huge Blake Shelton fan. “She probably likes you more than me,” he said.

However, Daniels was involved in a nearly-fatal motorcycle accident in September, causing the couple to miss the show. He was riding his motorcycle with some friends when someone pulled out in front of them. Daniels ended up bouncing off the car and into a telephone pole, suffering a myriad of traumatic injuries. In his post addressed to Shelton, he claimed the EMTs and police on the scene didn’t expect him to survive.

“I actually survived two collapsed lungs, one punctured lung, brain bleeding, a lacerated liver, kidney and spleen. I also fractured three ribs eight vertebrae in my neck and back, and also fractured both shoulder blades,” Daniels said.

The post told Shelton how Lindsay didn’t leave his side and is currently helping him in his recovery process. Daniels claimed the point of his letter to Shelton was an attempt to give Lindsay the birthday that he had originally planned for her.

“All she wants is to see you in concert. It would just make her day and make her smile which is all I want to do!!” he said.

The note went viral and was shared more than 400,000 times. It finally made its way to Shelton, who posted a sweet video response.

“I’m very sorry about the accident and I hope you recover soon and you’re feeling better,” Shelton says. “I’m totally ready to give you tickets to whatever show you can make it to, and don’t rush, for God’s sake, take your time getting well and getting ready.” While Shelton’s response was all Daniels wanted, he got an even better surprise when all was said and done. “For sure, I got to meet you guys,” Shelton told him.

He also gave Daniels a playful scolding, “Motorcycles are very dangerous!” Now Daniels can give his girlfriend the birthday he had planned and then some!

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Blake Shelton Gives Special Gift to Fan Injured in Motorcycle Accident