Blake Shelton Pokes Fun at Adam Levine's Shaved Head on Twitter

Charismatic country star Blake Shelton just can't resist poking a little bit of fun at his co-star on NBC's The Voice.

The friendly rivalry between Shelton and Adam Levine has gone on for a few seasons now, and has mostly consisted of snarky banter between judges during each episode. Now, Shelton has taken things to the next level by trolling Levine on Twitter.

Over the past few days, Shelton sent a barrage of tweets Levine's way with cutting commentary about Levine's new hairstyle. Earlier this month, the Maroon 5 singer shaved his head, which apparently made an impression on Shelton.

Since then, Shelton has compared Levine's head to everyone from Casper the ghost to Harry Potter villain Voldemort.

So far, Levine hasn't responded to any of Shelton's pointed tweets. Of course, this brotherly rivalry is all in good fun. The two talented musicians have publicly spoken about their friendship away from the reality show stage.

Still, I wouldn't mind seeing Levine take a few shots back at Shelton to knock his ego down a few notches.

Until then, you can see these two duke it out during the current season of The Voice, which airs every Monday and Tuesday at 8/7 CT on NBC.

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Blake Shelton Pokes Fun at Adam Levine's Shaved Head on Twitter