Blake Shelton
YouTube/The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon

Watch Blake Shelton and Jimmy Fallon Play the 'Name That Song' Challenge

On Monday night on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon, Blake Shelton sat down with Fallon for an interview, performed his new song "I Lived It" from his album Texoma Shore and played the "Name That Song" Challenge.

The challenge had Shelton and Fallon scratching their heads to figure out popular songs as The Roots started playing tracks one instrument at a time. As usual, Fallon and Shelton have great chemistry. Remember when Fallon took Shelton to eat sushi for the first time and they kept picking on each other like brothers and goofing around? This segment matches the feeling of that amusing clip.

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Fallon is particularly competitive while Shelton can't help but mock him a litte. "I miss Johnny Carson so bad" and "all I wanna do is sing my song and leave," he joked. While Fallon catches on to the songs quickly, Shelton takes a while to warm up to the game and misses a personally important song.

If the "Name That Song Challenge" isn't enough new Shelton and Fallon content for you, check out the segment where they visited a palm reader together. Of course, neither one of them can take it seriously.

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