Blake Shelton Stops Show to Help Marine Propose to His Girlfriend

Last Sunday in New Orleans, Blake Shelton did something he rarely does. He stopped the show and put all the attention on a person in the crowd.

Obviously, Shelton knows those types of situations can either go really well or really poorly. "I don't normally do this," Shelton tells the Bayou Country Superfest crowd as he walks down the catwalk. "Actually, I never do this. Cause you never know how it's gonna work out."

And to his point, you don't have to search hard to find public proposals that go awry on YouTube. But this time, Shelton felt the moment was right. Or he felt guilty.

"This guy right here has been holding up his phone to me every damn time I walk by," Shelton says. "Making me feel guilty. And it worked. I guess I'm getting soft in my old age."

So Shelton gets a camera on the man and let's him do what he wanted to. Watch what happens next below.

The man, identified as Brandon, turns out to be U.S. Marine Brandon LeBouef. And his girlfriend Ashley had absolutely no idea what he was up to.

But apparently Shelton could see the message on LeBouef's phone every time he walked by, and it worked. Talk about sneaky! And since she said yes, Shelton can walk away easy knowing he's one for one on crowd proposals.

Always the humorist, Shelton then segues into his next song "Boys 'Round Here." He says the tune is perfect because the only person who would propose at a country concert is a redneck.

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Blake Shelton himself hasn't popped the question to girlfriend Gwen Stefani. But the pair both already know what matrimony is like, so they're cool with not getting into anything too quickly.

Shelton isn't on tour per se, but he's playing several festivals around the country throughout the year.

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Blake Shelton Stops Show to Help Marine Propose to His Girlfriend