Blake Shelton Losing at Ellen DeGeneres’ Heads Up! Game is Hilarious [VIDEO]

Blake Shelton can always make us laugh, but add comedian Ellen DeGeneres’ Heads Up! game to the mix and the hilarity kicks up a notch!

Ellen DeGeneres will do just about anything to make people laugh, including playing outlandish games on her daytime talk show, “Ellen.” In 2013, she launched the app Heads Up! that lets anyone with a smartphone have a good laugh with friends.

To play, one person holds the phone to their forehead while it displays a word or phrase. The other players in the room then have to give hints to the person guessing until they’ve figured out what’s on the screen.

For even more added fun, Ellen asks players to send in videos of themselves playing the game — or rather, failing at playing the game. Country’s own Blake Shelton decided to give it a go with fellow country star RaeLynn and a few others, and what happens is nothing short of LOL-worthy.

We know Blake has a thick Oklahoma drawl and a tendency to talk loud. Well, apparently he gets even more twangy and rambunctious when he’s under the pressure of Heads Up! You can’t see Blake in this video, but you can see the other ladies cracking up as he guesses. Watch at 2:20 in the above video to find out how his game goes. It’s a good thing he’s better at singing than he is at guessing charades!

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Blake Shelton Losing at Ellen DeGeneres’ Heads Up! Game is Hilarious [VIDEO]