Blake Shelton Hits the Bar in ‘She’s Got a Way with Words’ Video

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Blake Shelton tries to show everyone that he’s over his ex in his new video for “She’s Got a Way with Words.”

If you’ve had access to the internet over the last year, you’ve probably seen at least a few entertainment news stories with Blake Shelton’s name in them. After divorcing from Miranda Lambert for reasons that are still unknown, he quickly started a relationship with The Voice co-star Gwen Stefani. At the same time, Shelton released If I’m Honest, which he touted as an autobiographical album that describes the ups and downs he’s faced over the past year.

Since the record is supposedly such a personal and honest portrayal of his life, many were shocked when he put out “She’s Got a Way With Words” as a single, which seems to serve as a musical middle-finger to Lambert.

It should be noted that the song was not written by Shelton himself. In fact, his duet with Stefani, “Go Ahead and Break My Heart,” was the only track from the record he penned himself. Still, the choice to release it seems rather intentional, and that is only strengthened by the release of the song’s new video.

According to People, Shelton returned to his hometown of Tishomingo, Okla. to film the rather simple video. It should be noted that this was also the town that Shelton and Lambert called home before their divorce.

In the clip, Shelton plays cards, drinks, pouts and shares a few sassy facial expressions that show just how done he is with his ex. Let’s be honest – he could have done a lot worse. Thankfully, we were spared of any Miranda lookalikes or surprise appearances by Stefani this time around.

Although I appreciate Shelton’s candidness when it comes to his personal life, there was something to be said for the days when both the fans and the artist kept a focus on the music and not the red carpet relationship behind it.

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Blake Shelton Hits the Bar in ‘She’s Got a Way with Words’ Video