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Blake Shelton Hilariously Shuts Down Twitter Critic

Blake Shelton used his dry humor and the support of another talented singer to shut down an angry Twitter user last week.

Shelton has become known for his hilarious Twitter rampages, which have covered everything from fellow The Voice star Adam Levine's bald head to cheating rumors related to his past relationship with Miranda Lambert. A few days ago, one Twitter user just couldn't help but poke at the country star by sending him this critical message.

Of course, most country stars get at least a few angry or unkind tweets directed at them each day. Unfortunately for this guy, Shelton didn't feel like letting him off the hook easily. Instead, he sent back this short message, which is pretty much the written equivalent of an eye-roll emoji.

This interaction even got the attention of Shelton's friend Kelly Clarkson, who couldn't help but chime in on the conversation.

Shelton's unexpected backup had no effect on this unimpressed fan, who decided to throw this critical tweet back at Clarkson.

At this point, you would think that these busy musical artists would have more important things to do than keep this mini feud alive. Not so much.

Another user decided to hop into the tweet war, but has since deleted his message to Shelton. That didn't stop him from sending him a somewhat childish response back.

Finally, Clarkson made the rather wise decision to wrap up this winless online battle with this short response.

In the end, Shelton and Clarkson's petty attempts to "fight back" against these critics came off a little flat. Although it's always somewhat entertaining to watch Shelton as he goes on his regular Twitter rants, he may want to remember that not all fights are worth waging.

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