Blake Shelton Discusses Love, Loss and New Music on 'Chelsea'

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Blake Shelton sat down with Chelsea Handler for a revealing interview about his rocky road to happiness and his autobiographical new album.

Shelton divorced from Miranda Lambert after three years of marriage last June. He told Handler that his heartbreak was healed in part by a surprise romance with The Voice co-star Gwen Stefani, who also found herself reeling from a divorce. The friends quickly formed a romantic bond after leaning on each other through their individual heartbreak.

"She's going through basically the same exact thing at the same time," he says, and credits Stefani for drastically improving his life in a short amount of time. Shelton had a quick and simple response when asked if he is the happiest he's ever been. "There's no question about that," he stated with a smile.

All of the ups and downs of Shelton's life have culminated into his new album, If I'm Honest. He says he initially began recording as an attempt to "pick the pieces up from being at the rock bottom." Now, he's only looking forward, and is sure that Stefani will be there with him through it all. Time will tell if their Hollywood romance beats the odds or ends up being the inspiration for yet another break up song.

You can see Shelton's full interview with Chelsea Handler on the July 7 episode of her Netflix series Chelsea.

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Blake Shelton Discusses Love, Loss and New Music on 'Chelsea'