Hear Blackberry Smoke’s Timely New Song, “Waiting for the Thunder”

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Blackberry Smoke’s new single is already making waves. The timely new track, “Waiting for the Thunder,” screams about the crazy world we live in.

Rock and roll flows out of song’s rhythms and lyrics, which Blackberry Smoke fans have come to love and expect. The cut will be featured on the group’s upcoming album, Like an Arrow, due out on Oct. 2016.

The song starts out with a pounding guitar and drum solo before getting into the meat of the music. The edgy lyrics discuss the insane things we are facing in our society every day.

“Simply put, it’s a rock and roll song. It’s the statement we want to make, musically,” Charlie Starr, Blackberry Smoke singer and guitarist, tells Rolling Stone. “Lyrically, I think maybe it touches on how crazy the world seems right now.”

You probably last saw the band in the news in April because of their daring rescue of three people from a burning car. It is these attitudes of strength, bravery and perseverance that make the band members the fantastic artists and people that they are.

If you want to see the band in concert, be sure to check out their upcoming tour stops in Atlanta, Fort Smith, Ark. and Pittsburgh. You can find a full list of upcoming concert dates at their official website.

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Hear Blackberry Smoke’s Timely New Song, “Waiting for the Thunder”