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100+ Black-Owned Restaurants in Texas You Can Support

When it comes to fighting racial injustices and police brutality, there's more than one way to do it. You can vocalize your concerns by protesting, donate to a local organization, write letters to government officials, and share information on social media. But one of the most direct ways to help is to support Black-owned restaurants, catering companies, and bakeries in your community, many of which were hit hard by the coronavirus pandemic.

Today we are focusing on the Lone-Star state of Texas and bringing you over 100 Black-Owned Restaurants to support. Not only will you be helping and supporting the community, but you'll also be eating a delicious meal and perhaps exploring new restaurants you haven't tried before.

When ordering for takeout or delivery, call the establishment directly to make sure money does not go to third-party delivery services like GrubHub or UberEats.

Our Favorite Black-Owned Restaurants to Check Out in Texas

I asked our staff which restaurants they personally recommended:

Brown's Bar-B-Q - Midland, Texas

Open Wednesday through Saturday, Brown's Bar-B-Q offers some of the best brisket burritos around according to Ariel Garcia, Wide Open Eat's Social Media Associate. The restaurant also serves a large menu of vegan fare, ranging from burgers and tacos to fajitas. If you want good food in Midland, visit Brown's Bar-B-Q

Slab BBQ & Beer - Austin, Texas

Rob Fox, Senior Staff Writer at Rare.us, loves visiting Slab BBQ & Beer in Austin, Texas. The BBQ eatery serves favorites like pulled pork and delicious barbeque sides. Look for their food truck throughout town as well!

Hoover's - Austin, Texas

"It has best comfort food ever (don't tell mama)," shares Daryk Ganske, social media manager for Wide Open Spaces and Alt Driver. Whether you like fried chicken etouffee or smothered pork chops, this down-home restaurant is for you.

Black-Owned Restaurants in Austin

A Taste of Koko put together a comprehensive list of 27 Austin restaurants ranging from soul food to cajun.

Find the restaurants here. 

Black-Owned Restaurants in San Antonio

KSAT shares 13 restaurants to visit. If you are looking for a delicious brunch, head to South Chicken & Waffles. You won't regret it.

Get the list of restaurants here. 

Black-Owned Restaurants in Houston

Here are more than 50 Houston restaurants to support for many years to come.

Get the list here. 

Black-Owned Restaurants in Dallas

DMagazine shared a comprehensive list of all the Black-owned food businesses in their community on a handy spreadsheet.

See the spreadsheet here. 

Black-Owned Restaurants in Fort Worth

Community members took to Reddit to share their favorite Black-owned restaurants in the Fort Worth Area.

See the Reddit Thread here. 

We will continue to update this page when more resources become available.

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